An important part of the Company’s work is the faithful restoration, reproduction and conservation of antique metalwork of every description. We offer a full consultation service which can include a detailed professional report if required.

Where items are being restored the work is always carried out by experienced members of our workforce with an extensive knowledge and understanding of the materials and methods used by the original craftsmen. We begin by carefully cleaning off old paint finishes in order to assess the amount of work required and after consultation with our client we restore and replicate where necessary to achieve the desired result.

If we do nothing with our antique ironwork it will inevitably become a pile of rust which will be of no benefit to our descendants. Whatever we do is always a compromise between salvaging and preserving what is left of the original material and removing pieces which are beyond repair and replacing them with new material (restoration) or simply arresting the deterioration and preserving it in its current condition (preservation). Ironwork which serves a function must be restored to a safe, usable condition if it is to continue to be of service whereas deterioration in purely decorative ironwork could be arrested and the ironwork preserved in its present state. This leaves the door open for future restorers who may be able to use more advanced technologies not available to the craftsmen of today.

For restoration work our recommended material is pure iron. Find out more about pure iron by clicking here to open the pure iron web site in a new window.