Restoration Projects

The forge has undertaken many restoration projects during its forty years in business and has gained a wealth of valuable knowledge and expertise in this field.  From National Trust properties to Royal Palaces and from Scottish Castles to our Premier Cathedrals, our forge has faithfully restored, conserved and preserved our heritage ironwork so that it can be enjoyed, admired and treasured, hopefully by many generations to come.  Please browse through the examples below – more will be added in the next few weeks  . . .

Alms Houses – Restoration of heavily corroded gates and overthrow

Coat of Arms – Restoration and re-painting

Pontymoile Park Gates – Restoration, re-alignment and re-sizing

Street Lamp – Restoration and re-glazing

Waddesdon Manor – Restoration of antique balcony panels

Westminster Abbey – Micklethwaite Gates – Restoration and re-sizing