Gorgeous Gates

Rowntree Park, York


Don Barker FWCB won the design competition for the Millennium gates at the Butcher Terrace entrance to Rowntree Park.  The design of the gates which are made from stainless steel, compliments the nearby Millenium footbridge over the River Ouse

Leeds, Private House


Automatic gates enhance a private property near Roundhay Park in Leeds



Themed gates to a church in Bridlington which was completely renovated following a devastating fire. Don Barker also produced a new altar rail and other internal fittings following the same wave theme

Estate Gates


An elegant pair of automatic gates with gilded scrollwork forming the effect of an overthrow provide a beautiful yet highly practical and secure entrance to this country property in Yorkshire
























Courtyard gates lead into a private property on the Studley Royal estate


Entrance gate between a private garden area and cool courtyard


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